Obon Shokudo
Augmented Reality provides an exciting array of novel user experiences. This proof-of-concept incorporates 3D modeling with UX to give customers an exploded diagram model of the food they are about to order.
The Problem:
Ordering food at restaurants can be frustrating if you have allergies or a special diet so wouldn’t it be great to see what goes into our meals before ordering?
The Solution:
Working with Cinema 4D and Adobe Aero, I created a 3D exploded diagram of the 
tempura udon. The menu and ordering button aim toward the camera as the user moves around the 3D model to make ordering easy without having to leave the experience.
What I did:
• 3D Modeling in Cinema 4D
• UX Strategy
• UI Design
• UX Testing
• Prototyping in Aero
Check it out for yourself!
(you may need to download Adobe Aero which is free while in beta)
Expanding AR experiences like this would be so much fun! This experience could be expanded to include reviews, context about the ingredients, a drag-and-drop option to remove ingredients, the dish's history, the restaurant's narrative story, and the sky is the limit! This is just the beginning of this emergent technology and I am excited to be a designer who may utilize it to make people's lives better.

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