Justin Cory
What's your story, Justin Cory?
I am a multi-disciplinary designer working primarily in web design and user experience. 
Currently, I am a web developer & UX designer at Avanti Destinations. I have also done freelance work for companies including The Portland House Hunters, Catalinbread Musical Electronics, The Center for Public Service at PSU, Latus Motors Harley-Davidson, and Prohibition Co. 
I am passionate about social justice & equity and strive toward them with everything I do.  I also cultivate a Zen Buddhist meditation practice and a yoga practice. 
When I am not working, you can catch me playing guitar & drums in my bands Usnea and Nyx Division, cooking vegan food, bicycling, traveling, drawing, writing, and screen printing.
Get in touch!
You can reach me at iamjustincory@gmail.com, 503.866.1661, or through the form below!
Thank you!
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