I am a multidisciplinary designer passionate about creating powerful, intuitive, and accessible user experiences and collaborating with other rad people! 
I have worked for the past several years as a Web & UX Designer at Avanti Destinations and as a graphic designer for several companies including The Center for Public Service at Portland State University, Latus Harley-Davidson, and Prohibition Agency. 
More importantly, I am a humble and compassionate person with excellent communication skills, the drive to always keep learning, and the desire to be of service to others.
Creativity and interconnection are my life force and as such I am passionate about social justice, playing guitar and drums in several local bands, cycling, traveling, illustration, screen printing, and cultivating a Buddhist meditation practice. 
Want to get to know me better? You can check out my motion reel, my band Usnea, or my editorial writing from when  I was Opinion Editor at the Portland State Vanguard.
Get in touch!
You can reach me at iamjustincory@gmail.com, 503.866.1661, or through the form below!
Thank you!
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