Photograph by Isabella Medina

Hi, I am Justin Cory! 
I am a passionate multidisciplinary designer driven by my enthusiasm for accessibility, designing elegant solutions, prototyping, and collaborating with other designers, researchers, writers, product managers, analysts, and engineers. 
I am experienced in using high-fidelity prototyping software including Figma and the complete Adobe Creative Suite; writing code in the languages HTML, CSS, and Javascript/Jquery; designing motion graphics in 2D and 3D; video production; and beyond. I intend to help people through mindful user-centered design that enriches our experience of the world around us, expands accessibility, and provokes meaningful connection.
Creativity and interconnection are my life force and as such I am also passionate about social justice, playing guitar and drums in several local bands, cycling, traveling, illustration, screen printing, and cultivating a Buddhist meditation practice.
Wanna get to know me better? Check out my motion reel, my band Usnea, the editorial writing work from my time as Opinion Editor at the Portland State Vanguard, or send me a message and tell me about you!
Get in touch!
You can reach me at, 503.866.1661, or through the form below!
Thank you!
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