Kitsch Camp!
Kitsch Camp draws on the legacy of cult horror and grindhouse cinema to cultivate an expressive and immersive brand experience for participants.
What I did: 
• Concept
• Motion Graphic Design
• Copywriting
• Prototyping
• User Flows and Journeys
• Competitive Analysis
• UI Design
• Branding & Identity Design
• Illustration
It was a blast to utilize illustration, layout, typography, UX/UI, and animated motion graphics! This project speaks directly to the target audience in a visual language they are intimately fluent with. 
In retrospect, I didn't realize when I made this how much I was influenced by events I had been to at Hollywood Theater including Carla Rossi's "Queer Horror". While I love the visual archetypal identity I developed, in future projects I aim to be more mindful of how unconscious influences may shape my process. 

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