The Problem:
It is often really hard to start a project from zero. Other apps such as Pinterest, Behance, Dribbble, and Instagram can spark inspiration but often add to the feeling of being overwhelmed.
After careful research, competitive analyses of the apps mentioned above, personas, and user testing; I created a UI system that helps users explore creative prompts and pin ideas for later.
What I did:

Design Direction
UX Testing
Information Architecture
User Flows and Journeys
Competitive Analyses
UI Design
Interaction Design
Branding & Identity Design
Sample Screen UI

Throughout the several revisions of this project, I learned the value of strong visual hierarchy and ample white space between elements.  Earlier stages pushed the interactive elements such as buttons and menus far from conventional UI. Through user testing, I learned that I needed to adhere more closely to UI conventions to improve usability and increase visual consistency.
I would love to hand a project like this off to a development team and hope that I can work on interesting and useful UI projects in my future career!
Let's Make Something:
Thank you!
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